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OOC note

It is insanely unlikely that I will ever pick up Sirius full time again, if only because he's so AU it's too hard to explain to anyone playing a completely canon character. To add to the further uncanonosity, eitherwilldo  died and Sirius has been left in care of tiny!Thea. His house is currently full of dolls, fairy wings and an uncontrollable little madam who throws glitter around so much she's likely to attract the attention of nearby vampires soon.

He loves her dearly, wonders if he'll be any good as a parent and has had to heft her up over his shoulder and run when she's toddled towards his verse's Cissa in Diagon Alley.


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I'm back and I will remain back. Well, not as much as I used to be but definitely here, in a sense. Hello. 

Political turmoil, evil evil everywhere and not a drop to drink. You know the story. If not, most of you can buy it in a three for two book deal in most respectable bookshops (and just in time for Christmas!) 

But more importantly, the year is 1979 coming up for 1980. And you all know what that means. It means on the 31st of July on the forthcoming year, I'm going to be a godfather. There may even be a tiny, squishy baby's-first-golden-snitch lying in a cupboard somewhere. Ahem. Oh, what, you don't think guys find that stuff is cute? Moving on...

At the same time, I've made some lovely if somewhat surprising friendships with a lot of people through the Nexus and I can't abandon you either. And I wasn't planning to in the first place. But you know what it's like when evil wizards attack. 

Remember --I'm only an owl away.

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Cissa updated her journal. I felt it was only fair to notify you all I'm still alive, given the circumstances of our political and social situation, etc, etc.

Life...goes on! I gave one hell of a best-man speech. Harry is due to be concieved this December, I think, ohdeargodIcantbelieveIjusttypedthat. Prongsie and Evans DX DO NOT WANT IMAGE OF. 

So. Not long until D-Day or whatever. 

And Regulus is whining about me not sticking around and dedicating my life to the pureblood cause. Yawn much. Look, bro, you have a choice just like anyone else and you choose to stick around. You've got fortune, a boyfriend and a multiverse to play with. So you might not have the sprog a few years down the line, that's why it's alternate universes. lalalala, SEE ME NOT BEING GUILTY.

Da- Fath- Orion Black, my biological father, is seriously ill. That's, um...odd. The whole thing and the feelings. I'll just...not speak of it again ever. 

The puppies are good. Remus, too, although you can read his journal for that, although he doesn't update it because it's all busy busy busy.

Everything is getting scary. Don't think because I'm not around that I don't love you all.

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Puppy! Oh Merlin, I have to think of a name. It took ages to decide on Mishka's, for the longest time she was fluffy wuffly princess pie. ........you can all shut up >_>

But hers sounds vaguely Russian and royalty-like. I need an Egyptian name. I need a name that suits him, he'ssosweet yes he is. And nibbling at my fingers. And wagging his tail. And licking his --okay, take it private, kiddo.

But puppy.

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Kind of nice to see I've been missed. Not in an attention-whore way just...nice. I feel appreciated. I feel loved! And that love feels oddly squishy. Or I've just spilt tea on the crotch of my trousers again. Yeah, that'll be it. Shit.

Blah blah blah interesting journal entry blah. Okay, nothing interesting has happened to me of any consequence. I feel better now, that's really all there is to it. I may occasionally poke my head out into the Nexus and frequently annoy/protect/embarass/turn on any one of you. Won't that be fun? But on the other hand I'm going to be more occupied on the home front end of things. Prongsie may have stopped coming into the Nexus but there's best man duties to attend to, earning a living and a bunch of other crap to keep an eye on not to mention Remus' constant demands for sex, I mean, Merlin. Ahahahah, no, I'm kidding. Or am I, eh eh? Okay I am before I get hit over the head with a large, thick.........BOOK of some kind. 

All right, time to grow up now. Anyone not legal yet, go forget that or something.


OOC, please ignore the date

Heyla. Sirius is pretty much getting put away in the toy box for a while since me and Remus-mun are feeling particularly uninspired (as you may have noticed for a good while). Partly to recover, the fact we have no plots, etc.

It's safe to assume certain things such as the DADA lessons with Thea can continue, you may receive owls from him saying hi, your character can pop around for coffee, and it can happen off-screen (just leave a note if you'll be doing this before I find myself backtracking like hell). 

He'll be back. He may answer the odd question if and when his voice comes to me again. 

And of course I'll stay around playing the several HP pups I have as well as trying to branch off into new directions (SHOCK HORROR AMAZEMENT).